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    1C Integral assistance
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  • Продажа юридических адресов
    «Turn-key» Implementation
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  • Продажа юридических адресов
    User training
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  • 1C Integral assistance
    Efficiency is the essential
  • «Turn-key» Implementation
    Punctual realization with quality
  • User training
    Lack of skills in 1C is a serious automatization problem

1st Solution

We are the official partner of «1C» company in Russia and their international representative «1Ci».

We have many years of experience working with «1C» products in the field of business automatization and a full range of professional services to implement and maintain the 1C software: Installation, consultation programming, technical support and user training. We care about each client to offer a personalized and, if necessary, comprehensive approach in solutions. We the trust of the clients who have chosen our company and we are always ready to offer our services at the highest level.

Good management


Our management always maintains a very comfortable working environment, which increases the motivation of employees to maximize their performance and achieve the best results. The relationships with our partners are based on mutual trust. The internal control system, defined deadlines, highly qualified staff, regular trainings, all that, ensures us the advantage in such a difficult market as IT-services.

Caring for every client

We offer to our clients a personalized and, if necessary, a comprehensive approach in finding solutions. We appreciate the trust of clients who have chosen our company and are ready to provide them our services to develop together.

Qualified specialists

Our employees constantly upgrade their qualification, which allows us to look forward with confidence. All specialists are certified by the «1C» company, and for new employees we have an internal system of teaching, preparation and adaptation, which allows them to learn how to solve the most difficult tasks in the shortest terms.

launch of the «Conjunto» automatization project
employee certification in 1C: Drive
received the "1Ci" partner status
participation in the «1Ci» Conference in Colombia
Comments from
our customers

During our cooperation, which lasts more than three years, many additional and useful functions for the 1C program have been developed. Today, absolutely all reports are properly generated in our program.

Head of accounting of the company «Felix Import» Ltd. Bubnova S.I.

Our cooperation began when you helped us solve a problem, before which, much larger companies "gave in". The further development of our relations showed your professionalism and customer orientation.

Financial director of the company «Soyuzagrokhim» Ltd. Manina E.V.

Thanks to the quality of your consultations, we are able to correctly reflect business operations in our databases, and new developments have significantly simplified data entry into accounting systems.

Head of accounting of the company «Nordic Design» Ltd. Ignatkina I.V.